Care & Operation

Use of Costume 

  • The costume may only be used for MIT-approved events and programs and is restricted to use on the MIT campus. Departments seeking permission for off-campus use must get special permission from CAC. 
  • As a symbol of MIT, Tim the Beaver must be portrayed in a positive, respectful manner. Wearers must refrain from inappropriate gestures, comments, or actions. 
  • Do not use the costume outdoors when the weather is inclement or the ground muddy.
  • Someone must accompany the wearer at all times; this person will assist in putting on and taking off the costume and will guide the performer during the event.  
  • When transporting the costume, please store in garment bag. A wheeled cart is provided for easier transportation.
  • An ice vest is available. The ice packs must be stored in a freezer before each use. 
  • The head has a space for one icepack and a fan that is battery operated. Please be sure to shut the fan off after use.
  • The performer should not wear the costume more than 40 minutes at a time because of the heat. Allow the costume to dry out a bit between each use. 
  • The costume must be locked up at all times when not worn. 
  • When packing the costume up, DO NOT stuff the body into the head of the costume. This damages the costume and causes stress to the tail.  

Putting on the costume (a two-person process) 

If you are unsure about any of these steps, you can review the training videos at any time to help you learn the proper way to put on the costume. Also, you can download this PDF handout if you would rather have a printed checklist of the steps.

In order to stay as cool as possible, only wear a t-shirt, shorts, and socks inside of the costume. Long hair should be tied back.

  1. Put on the vest with the ice packs inserted into pockets, zip up in front. Put small ice pack into pocket inside head and turn on fan.
  2. Put on the black body form, connect white hoop rings with gold connectors, zipper in the back.
  3. Step into the furry body cover and pull it up to your waist, zipper in the back.
  4. Step into the paws, making sure your feet are under the suit’s elastic support straps.
  5. Have your helper lower the mascot’s head over your head and onto your shoulders; velcro the straps under your arms.
  6. Pull the furry body cover the rest of the way up and zip over the black body form, making sure to cover the base of the head.
  7. Put on the MIT shirt and zip up the back.
  8. Put on the hands just like you put on gloves.